As Domain Administrator, what features do I have on my users?

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The administrative functions on selected users are accessible with the right button of the mouse in “users” opcion.

user domain

It assigns administration rights over the domain to the selected user. There may be as many administrators as you want.
Supervisor can access to reports and groups domain, but they can´t access to users option and configuration. There may be as many supervisors as you want.
Visible for external users
There will be users from the domain that need to be visible from other domains or from the public community of Prot-On users. Users outside the domain may find them when they search for users, or groups of users, to assign
Can see external usersc
In this same way you can limit users from searching for users outside their domain, thus not allowing them to assign permissions to those users or to add them to groups within the domain.
Profile Locked
If the user profile is locked, this user cannot change the features such as user ID, Environment, language, time zone, etc.
Lock Access Configuration
If you lock this user from the access settings, they will be required to authenticate with the identity provider that is defined in the domain.
Default Permissions Locked
The default permissions that are used when documents are protected within the domain cannot by changed by the selected user.
Login Type
You decide if the user can login by web login, client login with password stored or client login without password storing.
A locked user cannot assign permissions to protected documents or open protected documents. The user has not been unregistered, they have been temporary disabled.
Delete user
The user and his permissions are unregistered. You cannot re-use this username.
Delete permissions
Remove all user permissions.
Copy/Add permissions
Select two users and copy permissions to user from other user.
Create user from
Create a new user from other permissions configuration user.
The administrator can enter as any user and change his permissions, perfil etc…

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