How can I encrypt an email?

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With Prot-On you can protect texts, for example the body of an email message. (watch video)

– Access to Drag’n Drop click in “Write your text”
– Insert the text that you want to protect, then click “Protect”.


– Place your mouse over the Prot-On icon in the message area on the bottom right of your PC screen.
– With the right mouse button select “Protect text”. Here you can write or paste text that you want to protect. It will ask you a for a name to use later to help you manage document permissions.

Only users to whom you’ve given permission will be able to read it.

Protected email

If you use Outlook, you can protect your emails in an even easier way with the Prot-On plug-in for MS-Office. (watch video)

The recipients (their email addresses) of the protected emails will automatically be assigned read permission to the email text and any attachments and, if they are not already registered in Prot-On they will receive an invitation to do so.

Email Outlook

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