How can I protect a folder?

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You can protect and assign permissions to a folder on your PC and any subfolders or files it contains or that are saved to it will automatically be protected with the permissions that you have predefined. On the desktop of your PC by clicking with the right button of the mouse on the folder, go to Prot-On icon and “Protonize folder”.


When you chose to Protonize Folder you will be shown a window where you can define the folder permissions. Once the permissions are defined all the documents contained in the folder (MS-Office documents, PDFs, photos, video and audio files) will be protected.

Manage Permissions

You can change the permissions, advanced properties or remove protonized whenever you want, right click of the mouse select Prot-On on the protect folder and select “Manage Permission”.

Manage Folders

If you are working with Cloud Services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, the folders will take much longer to sync.
How do Protonized Folders work in the Cloud? Bropbox, Google Drive …etc


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