How does “Offline use” work?

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Grant access to protected documents without Internet connection for you and for other users.

When you open a file, Prot-On needs to connect to our server via the Internet to check to see if you have permissions to access the file. If you enable offline use for a specific a period of time, the users may use the file without being connected to the Internet. They will only be able to use that file in offline mode during the period of time specified since the last time they opened the file while connected to the server.

Please note that in order to be able to open a document with the offline capability enabled, it is required to open the document online the first time. Afterwards it can be opened offline for as long as the time setting allows.

This is useful, for example, when we travel by plane or if we are going to be somewhere without internet access. This feature can be activated and deactivated when you want.

Click a protected file in the panel permissions and click “Advanced Preferences”

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