How does Prot-On work?

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Prot-On is very easy to use:

First, protect a document (in this moment only your user can read, print, edit…this file)

Then, define what other user can access it through the Prot-On Permission Manager accessible via any browser.
Here you will see a list of all the documents you have protected and you simply check the type of access you want to assign to the user Prot-On. You will be able to change permissions and track document use at any time, wherever the file is.

Share a protected document any way you want, by email, with Dropbox, etc.. and assign permissions whenever you want, even after you´ve shared the file.

A user who is not registered in Prot-On or a user who has not been assigned the correct permissions will never be able to access a protected document.

You can do it with a free user, if you need advanced preferences or you need to use Prot-On in your enterprise, consult Prot-On plans and services.

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