Read files without registration as a Prot-On user, is it possible?

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For occasional use, it is now possible to share a document with another person without the recipient needing to register as a Prot-On user. You can take the following steps:

1. You protect the file and share it with Dropbox or Google Drive from this window.

share protected file

2. Select “upload the file and share the link”. In the next window you just include the email of the recipients that will receive the document and add an optional message for them:

protected file one use

3. All recipients will receive an email with a link that will let them either register or view the document online, just once, without the need to register as a Prot-On user.

temporal link

Protected File Share

4. The link will be valid for only one use, if the recipient needs to see the document again, he/she can request a new one time link. This action can be done as many times as required, always ensuring that only the intended recipient is accessing the link.

Request Link

5. If you want to remove the right to access the document, this can be done by accessing the rights management panel and remove the read permission for that user.

Permissio Panel

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