What features do I have with Premium Service?

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With Premium Service you will have free service and these features:

Protect folders on your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, ownCloud… Create folders and manage these Protonize Folders. All the content and the files dragged to them will be protected with the permissions you have predefined.
Edit, Copy and Management Permissions. Allows other users to edit, copy or manage your protected files.
Document validity. Define the time range when the document can be opened.
Limit the number of devices. Limit the number of devices that a recipient can access a document.
Edit Protected PDF. You can do annotations in protected files without losing the protection.
Access to protected files Offline. Grant access to protected documents without Internet connection for you and for other users.
Add Watermarks. Add watermark when printing or viewing the document.
Prot-On Search Engine. Your Prot-On user will be removed from Search Engine. You will only be found by your complete email address.

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